Who is Private Pyro?

avatarI am a web developer, amatuer graphic designer, traveler, wife and a disabled Army veteran. I have an AA in Graphic Design and a BS in Computer Information Systems. I love numbers and code.

Why Private Pyro?

I was given the nickname by my Drill Sergeant after I accidentally set the barracks on fire in Army AIT. To say that I am shy is an understatement so it’s safe to say I went unnoticed. It was my last day when the fire happened. I was flying out the next day. The fear in me was so great as the Drill Sergeants came running down the hallway. The only thing I had going for me was that I managed to control the fire. They looked at me shocked as I explained how it happened with only a heat gun and a bottle of paste wax. One Drill Sergeant paused, looked at me and said “it’s always the quiet one’s.” They laughed and he spoke again “Get this cleaned up, Private Pyro.” I was an E1 at the time which is a Private. That wasn’t my rank when I left, but Specialist Pyro doesn’t have the same ring to it. I moved on to permanent duty and somehow the name traveled. I’ve been using the name ever since.


I’ve been with Dreamhost since 2001. They have so many features and really awesome customer service.

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I prefer to buy my domains through GoDaddy. They offer whois protection which protects your private information from the public eye.

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