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Eric Evans

Hello again, world. It has been a very long time. In December of 2013 I checked my husband into the emergency room. I waited by his side for 41 days while he remained unconscious in a hospital bed. He never came back home with me. I lost my soul-mate on February 7th 2014 and have been unable to focus my attention anywhere ... Read More »

Free Host Review:

Best for: Personal bloggers. The Good: You are fully capable of running your own blog for free. The Bad: The features are really lackluster. I didn’t see anything that didn’t already come with WordPress out of the box. Their premium features are $99 like but don’t come with as many benefits. The only reason I can see someone choosing ... Read More »

Free Host Review: Blogger

Best For: Personal bloggers. Users who want to make money via advertisements. Users who want great exposure. Features: Fully customizable themes. Connect to any Google+ page. Google analytics/statistics. Easy Google Adsense integration. Automatic mobile version. Google+ comment integration. Can invite other blog contributors. Multilingual: 41 languages. The Good: With blogger you now have an unlimited number of blogs you can ... Read More »

Free Host Review:

Best for: Personal bloggers Users who don’t plan to make money via advertisements Users wanting general exposure Users wanting a professional looking website/blog Features: Publicize optionally instantly shares on social media. It can even go to facebook pages. Reader statistic. Comes with mobile versions of your blog/site. Multilingual. Akismet installed so no worries about spam. Can invite other users to ... Read More »

Installing a Localhost

A localhost is a web server that you install on your computer. It allows you to install any web script like WordPress, PHPNuke, PhpBB and others. This way you don’t have to run these on a live environment which a lot of people don’t have. When I was new to the web development world I used to design themes on ... Read More »

Healbot: Resto Druid

This video goes into the specific setup for a Restoration Druid. It goes into how I do things myself. The druid has always been my primary healer. On that note I am confident in how I use Healbot. My system works very well for me. Read More »

How to Setup Healbot 4.3

This video was created patch 4.3. It still works for MoP (5.0+). I will make an updated video I promise. My video editor expired so it may be a little while. I do hope you enjoy the video.  Be sure to put it on max settings and watch in full screen. This video shows the basic settings. I have more videos ... Read More »