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I am always excited to test new blogging platforms. However that is not what happened here. is another WordPress ran blogging site. I went through all the features, set everything up, and even posted fake blogs to see what all they had to offer.

Best for:

  • Personal bloggers.

The Good:

You are fully capable of running your own blog for free.

The Bad:

  • The features are really lackluster. I didn’t see anything that didn’t already come with WordPress out of the box.
  • Their premium features are $99 like but don’t come with as many benefits.
  • The only reason I can see someone choosing over is if they liked the themes better. Even then, these themes were not tested. The first theme I liked had bad alignment.




If you are dead set on using a WordPress hosted site, I’d stick with At least then you’ll get additional features and very nice themes.

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