Free Host Review: Blogger


Blogger/Blogspot has come a long way the past year or so. Google has done some great things with it. This was once a site filled with spam and malicious intent that I couldn’t get away fast enough. If you’ve ever felt this way, it’s time to take a second look.

Best For:

  • Personal bloggers.
  • Users who want to make money via advertisements.
  • Users who want great exposure.


  • Fully customizable themes.
  • Connect to any Google+ page.
  • Google analytics/statistics.
  • Easy Google Adsense integration.
  • Automatic mobile version.
  • Google+ comment integration.
  • Can invite other blog contributors.
  • Multilingual: 41 languages.

The Good:

With blogger you now have an unlimited number of blogs you can host. When you make a new blog you may notice an insane amount of visit in the statistics page. Those are google bots making sure your site is not spam. This keeps the community clean and safe.

Blogger has two theme modes. The new mode has numerous themes that are fully customizable. You also have the option to revert to classic templates. If you use classic templates you will find thousands of themes across the internet at your disposal. Be wary though. Only use these templates from a trusted source.

The fact that this is a Google product is what pushes this blogging platform above several others. Google login, analytics, adsense, G+ comments and sharing are some of the great features that help make your blog great.

Google adsense is a big plus. A lot of platforms free and paid don’t give the opportunity for income. If you are blogging about something you love and are sharing knowledge, I believe you should get paid for it.

Images and videos are easy to add to posts since you are connected to YouTube and Picasa. If you choose to connect to Google+ those files are also there for easy access.

The Bad:

Blogger has had a bad reputation in the past. People can still be leery about clicking on a link that will go to blogger, not knowing that it’s safe now. I believe this wont be a problem forever. This can be easily solved by using a custom domain.

Importing your current blog into blogger can be a pain. There are third-party websites that help with this, but they don’t seem to capture everything. For example importing from WordPress I had to re-upload all of my images. It was worth it.

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