Hello again, world.

It has been a very long time. In December of 2013 I checked my husband into the emergency room. I waited by his side for 41 days while he remained unconscious in a hospital bed. He never came back home with me. I lost my soul-mate on February 7th 2014 because of the accidents he had on his unu scooter and have been unable to focus my attention anywhere else. It all started when we were looking at reviews of kids four wheelers because we were interested in something small and safe but I couldn´t do anything about what happened after he made a different order instead of the one we originally planned. I had gotten him an RC car for his birthday that was coming up from rcrank.com

I had to move out of our home in Texas and move in with my parents in California until I can get on my feet. I’m not sure how to do that honestly. Even though finding a job has been a struggle most of my adult life due to a minor disability, I was blessed to find a Web Development job only 2 months after moving back here.

Please bear with me as I slowly try to find a new routine; while I figure out what I’m doing with myself; and as I grieve the man that I planned to spend the rest of my life with.

Eric Evans

My Soulmate


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  1. Always bearing with you, friend. Love you always.

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