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Free Host Review: Blog.com

Best for: Personal bloggers. The Good: You are fully capable of running your own blog for free. The Bad: The features are really lackluster. I didn’t see anything that didn’t already come with WordPress out of the box. Their premium features are $99 like WordPress.com but don’t come with as many benefits. The only reason I can see someone choosing ... Read More »

Free Host Review: Blogger

Best For: Personal bloggers. Users who want to make money via advertisements. Users who want great exposure. Features: Fully customizable themes. Connect to any Google+ page. Google analytics/statistics. Easy Google Adsense integration. Automatic mobile version. Google+ comment integration. Can invite other blog contributors. Multilingual: 41 languages. The Good: With blogger you now have an unlimited number of blogs you can ... Read More »

Free Host Review: WordPress.com

Best for: Personal bloggers Users who don’t plan to make money via advertisements Users wanting general exposure Users wanting a professional looking website/blog Features: Publicize optionally instantly shares on social media. It can even go to facebook pages. Reader statistic. Comes with mobile versions of your blog/site. Multilingual. Akismet installed so no worries about spam. Can invite other users to ... Read More »