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Healbot: Resto Druid

This video goes into the specific setup for a Restoration Druid. It goes into how I do things myself. The druid has always been my primary healer. On that note I am confident in how I use Healbot. My system works very well for me. Read More »

How to Setup Healbot 4.3

This video was created patch 4.3. It still works for MoP (5.0+). I will make an updated video I promise. My video editor expired so it may be a little while. I do hope you enjoy the video.  Be sure to put it on max settings and watch in full screen. This video shows the basic settings. I have more videos ... Read More »

PHPbb Skin WoW

I thought I’d get back into skinning again. I always had fun with it.  I’ve skinned PHPbb2 once before in 2006 for my website. What a pain! You can find it on my deviant art. Here’s my second attempt 5 years later. Version: 1.0.0 PHPbb: 3.0.9 Read More »